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Prime Movers Lab: "Why We Invested in Alpha Insights"

by Anton Brevde

We are thrilled to announce that we are leading a financing round for Alpha Insights, to help them deliver the world’s most advanced, space-based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology.

Space-based SAR allows operators to get highly detailed imaging data of Earth but unlike optical satellite imaging (e.g. Planet Labs) SAR works at night, through clouds, and through trees. Here is a helpful blog post that goes over how the technology works and why it’s so valuable: What is SAR?

Governments and defense organizations have been building and operating billion-dollar SAR satellites for decades because of these unique and valuable capabilities. However, as with many New Space opportunities, the combination of decreasing launch costs and improved computational power has opened the door for new commercial providers. We’ve been watching this sector closely as we strongly believe that there will be massive dual-use (defense-focused & commercially-focused) SAR companies built this decade. We finally found the company we had been looking for when we met Scott and Alpha Insights.

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Alpha is a Vancouver-based space company providing next-gen SAR satellites for heightened geospatial intelligence. Alpha's SAR-XL will deliver unprecedented global insights for missions related to environmental and maritime monitoring, logistics, and more.


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