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Learn How the SAR Market is Primed for Expansion

We've compiled some of the most comprehensive Earth Observation market research into one compact Impact Paper — making it free for download.  


Global impact

Defense has remained a key driver of the EO market for over 40 years, with geopolitical tensions continuing to push that dynamic. The SAR sector in particular has been heavily impacted and constrained for over 15 years due to growing need and limited supply — which is now being addressed by NewSpace providers.

Tangental Trends

Advances in machine learning (M2M) provide superior change detection for everything from global security to environmental science. Along with Artificial Intelligence, M2M capabilities will continue to improve the utility of massive EO datasets, further expanding EO applications and customer types.

The EO Evolution

The EO market has evolved rapidly over the last decade, enabled by NewSpace optical providers and improved launch opportunities. Driven by the energy, defense, environment, and agricultural sectors, the SAR EO market is now primed for significant growth, with NewSpace providers opening up new market opportunities.

Image by Daniel Olah

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