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Forest fires, food scarcity, rising temperatures, and beyond — rigorous environmental monitoring is becoming more critical by the day.


In Focus: Coasts

With SAR interferometry (inSAR), we can study and track how far coastal areas have depressed (subsided) down to the millimetre. This land-movement data, when captured over time, can reveal long-term trends that would otherwise be imperceptible.

In Focus: Forests

Because of SAR's ability to image below the smoke and at night — and with multiple bands employed at once — SAR-XL data can provide heightened detection, tracking, and management of forest fires.

Global Context

Environmental challenges like water management and shifting climate patterns often impact those who are most vulnerable. As humans flock to urban centers, freshwater depletion, large-scale agriculture, and wetland erosion will continue to be top-of-mind for governments, regulators, and corporations alike.

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